About Mindset Communication

Mindset Communication is about understanding the mind and its impact on interactions with others. Our goal is to help every human control and strengthen the power of the mind to create meaningful relationships.


We Believe That

  • People can learn how to control their mindset and their energy
  • Accessing the elements of the mind is empowering
  • Mindset directs human communication behavioral change begins with mindset

You Will Learn

  • To control your mindset and energy
  • To protect yourself in real-time from manipulation.
  • To align your communication and behavior to strengthen relationships.

Meet the Partners

Dr. Dennis Becker and Robin Golinski are the co-founders of Mindset Communication. Both Dr. Becker and Ms. Golinski are passionate about helping individuals understand and control the mind. They come from different paths and experiences, which constructs a complementary and synergistic partnership that greatly benefits the clients of mindset communication. Mindset Communication represents their interest beyond the spoken word.

Dr. Dennis Becker

Dennis is past President of The Massachusetts Speech Association, past President of the New England Speech Association, member of The Speech Association of America, The National Communication Association, and co-Chair of the NCA Training & Development Division. He is the author of 8 books, including an enduring business communication textbook and the world’s first book on personal communication. Another world first is his co-authorship of the training and resource book on becoming a communication professional, The Handbook Of Communication Training.

In 1964, along with this wife, Dr. Paula Borkum Becker, he founded The Speech Improvement Company, Inc. (TSIC), America’s first communication coaching firm. Dennis has a B.S. in Speech and Broadcasting, an M.S. in Rhetoric and Public Address, and a Ph.D. in Media Communication with a specialty in Speaking and Listening. He continues his studies with focuses on the study of Quantum Mechanics, Emotional Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming, and the role they play in mindset.

Robin Golinski

Robin is the U.S. representative for the international group, Funny Women, based in London. She is also the founder of Boston Comedy Chicks. Robin has a B.S. in Marketing, is a Certified Trainer with Infinite Possibilities and continues her studies in Energy, Quantum Physics, Mediumship, and Consciousness.

As a member of The National Communication Association, she served as co-Chair of the Training & Development Division. She wrote the chapter on Humor and Storytelling for The Handbook of Communication Training, a first of its kind in learning and development. Her most recent work includes the co-authoring of the unique book, Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Realtime. Along with Dr. Becker, she works as Executive Communication Coach for The Speech Improvement Company.